Hello my name is Frank,

I live in a country where the state is filming me when I go shopping, take my dog for a walk and greet my neighbours.

I live in a country where the state is tracking my location at all times through my mobile phone GPS positioning system.

I live in a country where all internet websites, emails and phone calls made are logged and kept for storage.

I live in a country where a DNA sample will be taken from me for storage if arrested on suspicion of something and then released without charge.

I live in a country where it is punished with a prison sentence not revealing the password to private encrypted files when requested by the authorities.

I live in a country where laws passed to fight terrorism are used against peaceful protesters.

I live in country where the Head of the State is unelected, this dictatorship is also known as Monarchy.

I am not from Iran, I am not from Iraq and I am not from China, I live in the United Kingdom, year 2009 AD, XXI century.

If this situation sounds familiar to you, then you are part of the Matrix, and it is time to fight back!

CCTV in toilets legal in the UK
CCTV in toilets, now legal in the UK

I now wear a cap to avoid facial recognition CCTV software to follow me on the street, I only use virtual credit cards under fake name, my mobile phone is always switched off unless in use, I use a secure VPN for internet surfing and my front door is made of stainless steel to make it difficult for an early raid morning to bring it down.

I don’t know how long it will be before the British secret services realise I am a privacy activist, it is important to be ready for eventualities,a private life is not something you are encouraged to have in the UK.

Croydon, South London
Croydon voyeur operation, South London

Privacylover: Site updates will be kept to a minimum  from November 2010

I am deleting my contact email address, I am not taking any more emails. I had some stupid wanker using a remailer to send me death threats and other bullshit to my email address, and lately I also have had people asking my personal advice for this or that problem.

Sorry but I have no time for privacy consultancy, you can ask at alt.privacy or any other worthwhile privacy group instead. I feel it is better not having email public than not replying to messages.

I got the impression that some people had a problem with me making $10 year with the Adsense advertising displayed on this blog, you need not to worry any more as Google Adsense and Adbrite both have suspended my account saying Privacylover content does not adjust to their terms and conditions. Right now I am going to invest all of my time in my real life work, which unlike this blog, actually fills in my bank account. I am hard pressed on time and can not use it up with non productive activities, such as hobbies, earning an income comes first and then the rest.

Thank you loyal readers, bear in mind that blog updates will be kept to a minimum, that is assuming I update at all.

I salute you privacy activists from around the World!

Privacy manuals below:

Tutorial explaining how to set up Quicksilver, Omnimix and Mesnews

1- Click here to download PDF tutorial on how to post anonymous in Usenet and sending emails through remailers (Version 1.2.4)

2- Click here to download additional Files to set up Mesnews

Following the instructions you will capable of setting up a system to post in Usenet anonymously and sending emails through the remailer network thus making it untraceable to you. There are also instructions to set up Stunnel and tor.

Doctor Who Security and Encryption FAQ

Click Here to download PDF Doctor Who Security and Encryption FAQ (Revision 22.3)

Doctor Who was an habitual of newsgroups like alt.privacy and wrote a great FAQ for those who wish to remain anonymous on the internet. It includes instructions about encryption, anonymous payments, proxies and remailers. Some of the instructions are a bit outdated, this is a revised version of Doctor Who FAQ I found in Usenet, posted anonymously.

Tutorial to set up encrypted subjects (ESUB) in Quicksilver remailer

This tutorial with screenshots was written by an anonymous poster to alt.privacy.anon-server the best Usenet group to ask questions related to remailers and anonymous communications, together with alt.privacy

Click here to download PDF Quicksilver remailer encrypted subject set up tutorial