How to deactivate geolocation tracking in Firefox and Opera browsers

The latest Opera 10.6 and Firefox 3.5 browsers come with a feature called location-aware, this feature allows websites compatible with Geode (not many at present) to learn where you are.

Google location services are used to determine your whereabouts using your computer’s IP address, nearby wireless access points and a random client identifier given to you by Google, which is meant to expire in two weeks.

The first time you go to a website that requests geolocation information, Google Location Services terms and conditions are presented, you will need to agree to them, which can easily be done inadvertently or without understanding what that means, after that, every time a website requests geolocation information your internet browser tells you, and gives you a choice: to send your location data, or not to send it.

Where are you?

Where are you?

Both browsers, Opera and Firefox come with location aware enabled by default, I don’t know about Internet Explorer because I care about internet privacy and do not use that piece of crap.

How to disable location aware in Firefox and Opera browsers

To disable location aware in Firefox, type about:config in the toolbar and change the geo.enabled value to false by double-clicking on the key.

To disable geolocation tracking in Opera go to Settings > Preferences > Advanced > Network, and uncheck Enable geolocation.

Test your geolocation browser awareness at:

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