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Homeland Security built website offering child sex in Canada

Police fake child sex site taken down by their webhost

The Department of Homeland Security fake website offering cheap (presumably) trips from the USA to Canada for men to engage in sex with children has been suspended by their webhost after a member of the public reported it to the host abuse department whom in turn took it down and if they followed standard procedure must have reported it to the FBI as well.

The DHS will have learnt its lesson and if they ever try this again they might be using their own server instead of relaying on commercial services, this way they can ignore public complaints, they could also work in collaboration with the hosting company and inform them of what they are doing.

A one year undercover operation and hours of police time have gone up in flames because of their short thinking.

Police set up of the fake child sex tourism site

The Homeland Security fake online website/company was named “Precious Treasure Holiday Company” which can be abbreviated as PTHC, in pedospeak that acronym stand for preteen hardcore sex. The website also depicted some well known underground paedophile logos, aka boylover and girllover logos ( and it contained some misspellings, I would assume done intentionally to make it look like a foreigner was behind the company.

To make sure everything looked convincing, the site had a password protected online catalogue of children for customers to choose the cutest kid from, only interested parties where given access to the password protected part of the site after initial contact.

Child sex website
Child sex website

 How did DHS made sure pedos would find the website?

DHS agents also set up a series of sites with ambiguous content, I am assuming here nothing illegal was posted just worded as if it were, and they included links and mentioned their sting operation “Precious Treasure Holiday Company” on those sites, they kept promoting their sting operation on chat rooms and forums that dealt with jailbait and little lolita sex while assuring people that it was a bonafide operation.

Descriptions used by “anonymous” posters to illustrate the site included: “great place for real incest”“only place for the real thing.”“This website…is an actually thriving business that is legit.”

How could one have spotted the fake child sex website?

Various clues gave away this website as a sting operation, anyone with a little common sense would have easily spotted there was something wrong.

  • First inconsistency: Child sex trip to Canada

Has Canada become a child sex haven now? Why travel to a country next to yours with akin living standards and rule of law (no added benefits) in order to engage in child sex when you can do it in your own country? Selling child sex travellling to a third World country would have made more sense.

I believe the DHS chose Canada because they wanted to make 100% sure that nothing could go wrong and everything was under their control at all times. If they had arranged for the suspects to travel a real child sex paradise there was the chance that the subject might have engaged in sex with kids there before he got arrested.

  • Second inconsistency: Privacy services from a Canadian company

This is a supposedly illegal website, but it is not being hosted in Russia or China or Mongolia, it is using a North American based domain registrar and hosting with a privacy whois service (Tucows) subjected to Canadian law. The whois records also show that the domain had recently been created (2010), not a big giveaway but not a good sign either.

  • Third inconsistency: Online child sex catalogue does not contain illegal images

The suspects were given a username and password to access an online children’s catalogue, I am speculating here (but willing to bet money on that) that it is almost certain that all of those photos, although perhaps racy (if at all), did not contain any indecent images of children, doing so would have meant that the police were breaking the law themselves by distributing child pornography, and if only for the headlines that it would make on the press, it is highly unlikely the police will ever distribute child porn unless they are really desperate to make an arrest and have run out of options, even then they would want to make sure that those images can never be redistributed/copied.

Spotting FBI fake child porn websites

The rule of thumb is that the police can offer illegal services but they will never actually provide them because it becomes legally troublesome and it makes the cops look real bad in the press, police informants are a different thing, but cops themselves only in extreme circumstances might ever distribute child porn or drugs, but nothing stops cops from distributing fake child porn (photos not showing pussy and tits) and drugs (flour anyone?), that is fair game.

Did this fake child sex website got any results?

Because of the fake DHS child sex tourism website one USA citizen is now serving 20 years in prison and another awaiting trial for conspiring to transport an 8yo girl from Canada to the U.S.

I do not agree with these kind of police tactics where they incite others to commit a crime that might have never occurred had the cops not offered them the possibility to carry it out, it stinks of entrapment. DHS operation it is no different from opening Bank Of America’s safe next to a homeless shelter and waiting behind the corner ready to arrest anyone coming in to grab the cash.

News Source: The Smoking Gun

Police warn parents about pedophile bear

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Department is warning parents about what they call “a disturbing new phenomenon made popular by pedophiles and sexual deviants”  and are cautioning parents to be aware of PedoBear, particularly at public events.

The Sheriff Department advices anyone with concerns about the image to contact the Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement division of the sheriff’s department at 805-781-4550.

“An Introduction to PEDOBEAR”

San Luis Obispo Country Sheriff  Public Safety Information Bulletin (Click to enlarge):

Police bulletin "An introduction to PedoBear"
Police bulletin "An introduction to PedoBear"
Police bulletin 2 "An introduction to PedoBear"
Police bulletin 2 "An introduction to PedoBear"






The fact that this Californian police department is serious about this it is really really troubling.I would have thought the cops would realise that PedoBear is an internet joke and not something that deserves their attention. This to me seems to be an indication that they have too much time on their hands, no pun intended.

PedoBear not arrested yet

The PedoBear picture featured in the police bulletin was taken at Comic Con and you can clearly see that the man wearing a bear costume is standing next to a little baby trying to hug him. Why did the police fail to arrest him? Will they feature him in the most wanted list? Is there a reward for turning in PedoBear? Lots of unanswered questions  for the Sheriff’s department.

PedoBear police warning on USA TV news

Who is really behind pedophilia?

I said it before and I will say again because I have no fear of saying the truth. Secret agencies are working behind the courtains in order to scare people into thinking that pedophiles are everywhere, while the most likely place for a child to get abused is a religious institution, the Quran itself relates how Prophet Mohammed had sexual intercourse with an 11yo girl (his wife) but you get no police warning about this.

Cops have no interest whatsoever in warning parents about the dangers of religion for their children, they rather concentrate on a little pedophile bear who can’t fend by himself because he never existed for real.

Pedobear disguissed as policeman

Pediatrician testifies in Court 18yo porn actress little lupe is 12 years old

A New Yorker named Carlos Simon-Timmerman was was detained in Puerto Rico customs for transporting images of a minor. He had bought a porno flick called Little Lupe the Innocent.

He faced a 20 years in jail. After spending two months awaiting trial, his case finally went before a judge. A customs agent and pediatrician both testified, saying the girl was absolutely underage in the video.

Two months in prison until porn actress turned up in Court with her ID

If you have adult porn of women with a shaved cunt you should download Diskcryptor and encrypt those images now before you get arrested for owning images of women without pussy hair.

Governments around the World continue to play the child porn card to get totalitarian powers, more and more images and videos are falsely being classified as child porn to increase police budgets and arrest citizens at the voice of “child porn”, what they are guilty of, in reality we will never know.

List of suspected Usenet groups carrying child porn

I got the list of the banned Usenet newsgroups from some Newsprovider FAQ webpage, while explaining what groups they carry, they then posted the names of the newsgroups that legal entities have asked them to censor citing child porn as a excuse.

This Newsprovider FAQ website claims that in April 2009 legal authorities requested them to remove a list of 18 Usenet groups suspected of carrying child porn, to which they agreed without question not even making sure this was truth.

This newsprovider textually says “it was not something we felt was wise to try and defend”. For personal reasons I have decided not to name this little known small Newsgroup provider.

It is appalling the number of Usenet providers willing to comply with non legal requests citing child porn that they can not even proof it exists.

I think it is safe to assume that those unnamed legal authorities providing the list of Usenet groups suspected of carrying child pornography also asked many other Usenet providers to remove them.

Paedophile handbook
Paedophile handbook


I have been looking at the list (names not content!) of banned Usenet groups that the Government asked to black out claiming they contain child eroticism. I have compared that list with the groups other Usenet providers carry, and at the very least,,, and even, they all have stopped carrying the forbidden groups.

Only four of the newsgroups are named after openly mistrustful words such as pedophilia,  firsthair, early-teens and 13-17. All of the other banned Usenet groups have completely innocent names. Unless you consider prettyboy, bdcompany, mclt, or adolescents words that inspire something dark.

The censorship is smarter than the Great Firewall of China, they drop access to discussion groups from your face, and to make things more confusing they have kept Usenet groups named very similar to those on the list of banned Usenet groups. Unless you know the clear-cut name of the group you may believe they carry them and they have no messages posted, when in fact it is a typo.

Child porn is being used once more by the enemies of free speech to censor the internet, they do not even have to apply for a Court order anymore, simply send a letter and say “hey, suspected child porn, censor these 18 Usenet groups for me”.

No judge ever checks that there is any ground for the claims and user needs not to be informed.

Child porn lies
Child porn lies


Newsgroups are one of the few free speech spaces left on the internet, because once someone has posted something it can not be taken down, it is then normal that some authorities do not like this, they know far well that the next Usenet posting may contain receipts of politicians corrupt bribes and pictures of police abuse.

I suggest you stop using Usenet providers willing to censor groups without any legal obligation to do so.


The newsgroup providers below carry the list of banned Usenet groups as of April 2010, but nobody can’t guarantee they will be kept censorship free for ever.

I have recommended Astraweb in the past as a real uncensored provider, in light on this, not anymore.

Altopia: The only downside I see to Altopia is that multipart binaries retention is low, but their privacy policy and prices are very reasonable.

BlockNews: They carry most of the hard to find groups, with no censorship at all and better prices than Astraweb in block accounts.

Sonic-News: I have never used them, but they have a search function on their site where you can check what groups they carry and they seem to have all the censored ones.

Anarqy: They outsource their Usenet servers from Highwinds and news-service, I hence doubt they can choose to censor or not to censor groups. Their page looks strangely similar to that of Sonic-News, this makes me believe they are reselling on the same backbone.