German Privacy Foundation releases CryptoStick

The GPF Crypto Stick is a USB stick in a small form factor containing an integrated OpenPGP smart card to allow easy and high-secure encryption e.g. of e-mail or for authentication in network environments. As opposed to ordinary software solutions, private keys are always inside the Crypto Stick.

All cryptographic operations (decryption and signature because of public key cryptography) are executed on the PIN-protected Crypto Stick.

The GPF Crypto Stick is compatible with various software applications like GnuPG, Mozilla Thunderbird + Enigmail, OpenSSH, Linux PAM, OpenVPN and Mozilla Firefox and it works in Linux, Windows and MAC.

Crypto Key
Crypto Key

The Crypto Stick is developed as a non-profit open source project, between other things, the German Privacy Foundation runs various tor nodes, a mixmaster remailer and two i2P routers.

You can find more information about the CryptoStick at:

Unfortunately right now the online shop is only in German, if you are interested in purchasing a CryptoStick and do not understand German you can email: cryptostick @