Aiport x-ray full body scanner images of hot girl

A 29 year old British woman (not the one in the picture), Jo Margetson, has recently made a complaint to the police against a London Heathrow airport security guard who said he “loved those gigantic tits,” as she passed through the machine by mistake.

This probably gives an indication of what is to come once airport x-ray full body scanners have been deployed everywhere.

One easy way people could take images of hot women while they pass x-ray full body scanners is by using a mobile phone or tiny spy camera to take a photograph of the screen showing the scanned images and then upload them to Usenet to share with others.

It is now clear you can revert the scan and get the full naked images of the hot sexy girls with very little effort. You will need a simple image editor for this.

Image of sexy girl:

full body negative image naked woman
Full body negative image naked woman

To achieve the effect below with Photoshop you will need to go to “Image>Adjustments>Invert”. Alternatively click on shortcut CTRL+I.

At other image editing software look for a function called “Invert”.

Reverted sexy woman naked
Reverted sexy woman naked

Your airport x-ray scanner porn is nearly ready, now just apply some additional image editor filters, tweak the brightness and contrast, and you will get the result below.

sexy woman naked
Sexy woman naked

Anyone who comes across x-ray full body scanner images of children could also manufacture naked images of real children, but this is not advised as it would most likely be illegal.

UPDATE November 2010: The original image is not a real x-ray airport scanner image ( I was duped into believing it was sorry).

I am now posting below a full body real image of an x-ray airport scanner so you can appreciate that the difference isn’t that huge.

Airport X-ray full body scanner image
Airport X-ray full body scanner image

2 thoughts on “Aiport x-ray full body scanner images of hot girl”

  1. You don’t recommend manufacturing naked images of real children, but you do of adult women without their consent? Shame on you!

  2. So what? You are shooting the messenger here.

    Are you telling me that I should keep secret from people using airports that Photoshop can reverse their full body x-ray images into real naked pictures?

    This information should have been explained by the Government when they first introduced their full body x-ray scanners mate, I am pointing out at some of the downfalls of those scanners.

    I reccomend nothing, never have done, you made up those words. I am pointing out a way to abuse those full body x-ray scanners with a real graphic example so that there are no doubts that it can be done.

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