Balkan Leaks: Alternative website to WikiLeaks

The powers to be have a long way to go until they understand that when you ban something you are making sure that it will be replicated, because let’s face it, most people feels curiosity to look at forbidden goods, specially banned books, pictures, articles and secret Government documents.

The Balkan Leaks website wants to expose organized crime and political corruption in the Balkan states and it works much the same like WikiLeaks, you submit the secret leaked documents and they will host them for you.

Their website gives you instructions about how to submit documents to them anonymously, which basically consists on using the Tor browser bundle and upload your documents to a .onion website they have set up, for those who do not know, .onion websites are only accessible using the tor proxy software sites using the .onion extension are censorship free and extremely hard to take down if at all possible.

Balkan Leaks system to submit documents anonymously is exceedingly safe although not as practical as WikiLeaks PGP encrypted email submission system.

Censorship Eyechart Read

Censorship Eyechart Read

 Who is behind BalKan Leaks?

The website itself does not give too much information about who is behind it and what, if any, censorship free hosting they are using. A whois on using the EurID website reveals that the domain was first registered on the 8th September 2010 through French domain name registrar OVH, their DNS also points out to the site being hosted in France using French hosting company OVH.

BalKan Leaks whois domain name contact email is listed as “at @” that is where things start to get interesting because using StartingPage to perform a search on that email address throws out plenty of results, including a FaceBook page.

Perhaps the most revealing result is the one found at DomainGoat, listing that very same email address as the contact for the registrar of Bulgarian website (A site containing a link to

requested on: 23/11/2008 22:44:05.971223 EET
processed from: 07/01/2009 14:32:21.667255 EET
activated on: 29/01/2009 23:57:42.657345 EET
expires at: 07/01/2010 00:00:00 EET
registration status: Registered

SOFIA, 1000

at @

I hope none of that information is confidential because anyone with 10 minutes on their hands can find out about it easily using a search engine, I just researched their background a little because I could not find any information about who is behind the BalKan Leaks on their site.

Best of luck to Balkan Leaks and their noble cause!

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