BrusselsLeaks the European Union leaks website

A Wikileaks alternative with the same aspirations to publish the leaking of confidential documents to promote the freedom to know targets that Wikileaks has but this time aimed at exposing what goes on inside the European Union.

With their server located in Iceland, a country with very strong press protection laws and currently outside the European Union, although Iceland has applied to join the EU the process it is likely to take quite a few years and BrusselsLeaks has said that they will review their server location when that happens.

BrusselsLeaks describes itself as a self-funded group of activists, journalist, Non Governmental Organisation workers and public relations sector workers based in Brussels (Belgium), who want to expose what goes on behind closed doors during the decisions that are taken in the European Union.

BrusselsLeaks logo

They claim that no personal data is stored when you submit documents through their online form but do not explain in detail how they achieve this, their site is using a RapidSSL digital certificate which is a good thing for privacy but does nothing for anonymity.

I kept wondering if their server has any special set up to routinely wipe connection logs, nothing of this is mentioned in their security section, data encryption is mentioned but this only goes so far and my main concern would be their submission server being seized with the IP logs still inside, however unlikely it is always better not to leave anything unconsidered and I would make sure to be using a proxy if I had to submit any documents .

According to the EUObserver, BrusselsLeaks will not be publishing anything itself but will instead check the documents authenticity and pass them on to selected media. BrusselsLeaks is willing to take your material of ethical, political, diplomatic, economic or historical significance but not opinions or documents which have already been published elsewhere.

UPDATE 2012: Project ceased to exist! Link erased.