Countermeasures against the UK Communications Data Bill

In order to protect British citizens from crime the UK government has come up with an idea, a law called The Communications Data Bill.

Every email within, or coming into or out of the UK will be time stamped and logged (email content not included, at this stage), and websites will be tracked so that anyone the UK  government believes could be interested in your private data will be granted access to it.

My blog is not as much about making a case for privacy, but about teaching people how to secure their lives from unwanted guests, so I go straight about how you render useless The UK Communications Data Bill.

1) Never use your British ISP to send email, use webmail instead and make sure it is not a British webmail provider, use SSL in all your email communications, for extra security from eavesdroppers, illegal without a court order, but you never know what a government obsessed with controlling its citizens is capable of doing.

2) Change your computer MAC address every week, you can use a free utility called Technitium MAC Address Changer for this. It will make locating your computer more difficult, ISPs log your MAC address when you connect to them.

3) Only browse the internet through an pseudo-anonymous VPN that will stop your ISP from logging any website you visit, like  for example the paid for Steganos VPN that claims not to keep any logs, they don’t have to because they are not an ISP, or use a proxy like Tor safer than a VPN and free but very slow for downloading data.

4) Dont use your phone for making calls, use your favourite voice over IP utility with Zphone instead, VoIP will not record your calls like phone companies have to do, and Zphone is a free an open source utility that will encrypt the content of your calls to stop Jacqui Smith from watching and listening your private calls.

5) Wear a cap when you walk through the British streets, if you believe Jacqui Smith (UK Home secretary) is after you,  you need to know that some British CCTV have automatic facial face recognition installed, (at the moment mainly at airports), you probably don’t want them to see you going into that SexShop a cap will make it difficult for CCTV located above you to recognise your face due to the shadow.


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