Darkmarket administrator was and undercover FBI agent

Leaked documents show that the FBI had access to DarkMarket since November 2006 and was monitored by the FBI from the banks of the Monongahela River in Pittsburgh.

For the last two years cybercriminals involved in credit card fraud had been using Darkmartet, an internet forum which offered a place to flog stolen credit card information and identities plus hardware, and credit card magstripe swipe.

During all this time Federal agents used intelligence from the site to develop intelligence reports and mount investigations but keeping the site alive, crunch time has come!

But even the FBI makes mistakes and most clued up cybercrimimals were aware that DarkMarket was a federal sting since the latter part of 2006, after a hacker reported evidence that Master Splynter and administrator of Darkmarket and undercover FBI agent, had logged in from the National Cyber Forensics Training Alliance in Pittsburgh. One would have believed than an expert FBI agent would have known better than doing such thing.

Darkmarket.ws is now obviously offline, and you can only see the forum frontpage in the Wayback Machine: