Ex-ALF prisoner and FBI tipster working for Mozilla Firefox

When you watch the latest Firefox4 browser promotional video you will notice someone called Justin Samuel there telling you that Firefox is “the most secure browser out thereā€, what he won’t tell you in the video is that he was an FBI informant in the past and helped the FBI out convicting a fellow Animal Liberation Front member in exchange for a reduced prison sentence.

Justin Samuel Mozilla Firefox

Justin Samuel Mozilla Firefox video

Some question for Mozilla about Firefox

  1. How can you trust Firefox browser when one of your employees was an FBI snitch in the past?
  2. Has Mozilla Firefox made sure that Justin Samuel collaboration with the FBI has stopped before hiring him?
  3. Whose idea was it to ask a former FBI informant to state in the video that Firefox is the “most secure browser”?
  4. Are Mozilla Firefox employees encouraged to snitch others in order to get a reduced prison sentence?

Visit Justin Samuel development website

News Source: Animal Liberation Frontline Movement