Law enforcement data compliance guides leaked

Every time you use a service such as Facebook, MySpace, Stickam or Hotmail all of those companies log your IP and record your personal details as well as data of those who have been communicating with you, email address, time and date, etc.

How long for do social network sites and email companies keep logs and what data is included on them?

That is something that most of them will keep secret from you and do not release to the public domain, at the same time you will be forced to sign an abusive agreement written in gibberish, giving them the power to retain your personal data (username, IP logs,timestamps,anything) for as long as they want and share it with law enforcement if requested to do so.

The FBI is watching you

The FBI is watching you

Facebook, Paypal, Microsoft, Myspace and other law enforcement data compliance guides have now been leaked and posted at Cryptome.

Microsoft even attempted some of their bully boy tactics and issued a DMCA take down notice against Cryptome for posting their Global Criminal Compliance Handbook.

Microsoft seems far too worried that you may find out that Hotmail keeps logs of your IP for 60 days or that they have a law enforcement hotline for emergency data requests. Something they should make clear to any user signing up for their services anyway.

If you want to know what data does Windows Live Messenger stores in Microsoft servers, How long does Facebook and MySpace keeps your IP logs, and the kind of logs that Paypal and Ebay keep, then download the guides below from Cryptome website.

Microsoft Global Criminal Spy Guide:

Ebay-PayPal Law Enforcement Guide:

MySpace Law Enforcement Guide:

Comcast Law Enforcement Guide:

Facebook Law Enforcement Guide:

AOL Law Enforcement Guide:

Skype Law Enforcement Guide:

Cox Communications Law Enforcement Guide:

Stickam Law Enforcement Guide:

Cryptome is also a great resource for anyone interested in privacy, I highly recommend it, and if you want to support their work you can buy from their website two DVDs containing the full website archive.