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Most Joe Does end up leaving some kind of tracks on the internet, a few months ago I posted about TinEye, an internet searcher that allows you to upload an image and it will match it with websites that are using the graphic in one shape or another .

I have now found a much better internet searcher for spying on other people’s life, it is called 123people.

I attempted to find all information on the internet about Jonathan Evans the current Director General of British Security Services, aka Mi5. The results have not been fantastic on this master trespasser of citizen’s privacy as he is probably well aware of the methods his lackeys use to spy on people, but you will get more lucky finding out your neigbours internet trail.

Only one problem, if someone has a very common surname you will get too many positives, but besides that, I highly recommend 123people for those in need of doing a background search on someone who may or may not be who he/she says he/she is.

If you are still posting your email and address on public forums it is about time you seriously thought about the consequences and how it can be used against you one day.


Although 123people is great, it is still advised you combine it with the power of Google Advanced Search, two Google links immensely overlooked:

Google Advanced Image Search

Google Advanced Seach

Note: 123People no longer exists, link erased!

4 thoughts on “Researching people online, advanced internet search”

  1. Very interesting to see this…I am quite an avid proponent of Internet privacy and find that people are putting way too much information on the web. I put much of the blame on social networking sites…since the inception of Facebook and MySpace, etc it has become easier than ever to spy on people and find unlimited information.

    I actually read an article where a private investigator spoke about how easy it was for him to find someone because of their digital trail. He even conducted an experiment allowing someone to hide for 1 year….the PI ended up locating him about 9 times during the year, if I recall correctly.

  2. You are quite right, and the problem is that by the time one realises that all that stuff uploaded during high school will be there for ever, it is too late.

    I am aslo aware that some employers will Google the candidate’s name before offering any interview.

  3. Thank you for the tip John, I have looked at Yasni and it looks like a great place where to research people as well.

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