Review: Free speech webhost Crisishost

Crisishost has been in the free speech webhosting business since 2003 and they advertise themselves as a Professional and reliable free speech webhosting, as someone who has been one of his customers I can tell you for sure that their advertising is nothing but a joke.

The Good Stuff

They call themselves a free speech host and they really are, no matter what controversial neonazi or pedophile site you want to host with them, they will host it! As long as it is legal in the USA of course, that is where Crisishost management and servers are based, the last traceroute (2nd November 2008) to their server revealed that their server is located at The Planet datacenter, a well known place for dedicated and collocation servers.

Besides the fact that they will host your controversial site with no questions asked, nor hassle, and their reasonable prices, I couldn’t find anything else good about them.

The Bad Stuff

Keep every single email you receive from Josh! Josh is the guy behind Crisishost, he will be prone to lose your emails and forget things, so you better keep a copy of everything he sends you, that includes Paypal receipts.

1-  I make the payment via Paypal two days later I have to email him to ask to set my account up, Josh quickly replies, sets up my hosting account and apologies about the delay.

2- A few days later I send an email to Josh asking some CPanel (webhosting control panel) related question, he does not reply, I send a second email with the same question, he doesn’t reply neither, so it then becomes pretty obvious he is simply ignoring them.

3- I email Josh to upgrade my plan to get more bandwidth, no problem, reply in less than 24 hours and all set up quickly. A few days later I email him asking something else about the hosting, no reply again, “Why bother anymore?” crosses my mind.

4- I visit my website and I see that the server has gone down, the disruption will go on for two whole days, I never get any kind of warning from Crisishost, and knowing Josh email habit of not replying to any email not related to payments I decide not to waste my time asking. Crisishost webpage has no update about any downtime.

5- I get an email from Josh asking for renewal of payment, I email him back with evidence of Paypal payment that already covers that period, the guy even doesn’t reply to apologise for his mistake or anything.

6- I get an email from Josh, three short lines to inform me that they are moving servers and I have four days to back up all my data locally and will possibly have to reupload it all again to the new server.


Crisishost will not bother you about your website content if this is legal in the USA, their prices are reasonable, and they use CPanel for webhosting which is pretty cool, but if you ever need any kind of technical support you will be on your own.

Any email asking questions will not get a reply, your site will be up and running as long as their server doesn’t go down, if it does nobody will warn you. You may also get a short notice one day telling you to back up all your data and reupload.

I think there are better free speech hosting offerings out there and I will review them soon, so stay tuned.

I am hotlinking this review to Crisishost so they will know about it, if anyone wants to reply they are more than welcome to do so in the comments section, I don’t censor anybody on this blog unless it is a spammer.


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