United Kingdom airport gets digital strip search scanner

As we all know the World is full of terrorists, child porn, kidnappers, drug dealers and people who don’t pay their taxes, Manchester airport Terminal 2, in the UK nonetheless, has found a new magic weapon to fight all the evildoers, the digital strip search, aka Rapiscan equipment, for your own security, before boarding on a plane you are to be seen naked by airport staff through x-rays.

UK child pornography law at odds with digital strip searching of kids

Since producing a naked image or pseudoimage of a child is illegal and they have no written parental consent for scanning children(i.e. taking a naked image), the only problem Manchester airport is facing right now is that their full body scanners probably contravene UK child porn law. The scanners have been banned for use on children until this is clarified.

The technology has already been trialled at Heathrow airport as well and if successful it could be rolled out across Britain.

Full body x-ray scanner UK airport
Full body x-ray scanner

The technology behind backscatter x-ray

Backscatter X-ray is a new imaging system which detects the radiation which comes back from the target, A “high energy x-ray beam” moves rapidly over the person’s form and a high resolution image of the person’s nude body is constructed when the scattered x-ray “from a known position” is detected. The images produced by the scan also show breast enlargements and piercings.

The USA following Brits ideas

The US has already taken delivery of x-ray machines from the same company, Rapiscan Systems, there are 23 airports in the United States – with 40 machines collectively – which are also running tests, but it is not clear about which airports they are placed at.

Will airport staff be able to resist this full body scan?

Woman ass X-ray scan
FAKED SCAN (illustration purposes)

2 thoughts on “United Kingdom airport gets digital strip search scanner”

  1. As long as the device is medically harmless, and, men are looking at the scans, while women employees look at women scans, we are in a good shape.

  2. I think Natalie that you will find that there is no gender segregation at the airports.

    You will also find that you do not know whether they are recording it or they are not and what they are doing and talking about while watching.

    I rather have a rudimentary full strip search taking my clothes off with the staff member present.

    This way I can see who they are, their face and what they are doing.

    Of course they could also think about using sniffer dogs instead, but that is too much to think about for a control freak Government.

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