Video: Half naked kid searched at the airport line by TSA staff

Apparently it is not enough for the Transportation Security Administration in the US to have access to strip search X-ray scanner images of airport passengers they seem to think that it is perfectly OK to search a half naked kid too.

This amateur video was filmed by student Luke Tait at Salt Lake City airport on November 19th, he claims that the boy went through a metal detector and didn’t see him to set it off but was selected for a pat-down search nevertheless, the kid did not feel comfortable with the TSA agent doing a pat down search on him so the kid’s dad took his son’s t-shirt off and gave it to the TSA agent who did not appear to have any qualms aboutĀ patting down a half naked kid at the airport line in full view of everyone.

The guy who filmed this invasive TSA airport search claimed in during an interview in the Glenn Beck program that airport security staff questioned him about his videotaping of the incident and repeatedly asked him to erase the video to which he refused.

Advice for USA airport travellers

According to TSA rules travellers can not be asked to remove clothing (other than shoes, coats, and jackets) at a TSA checkpoint, if TSA staff asks you to remove your clothing ask for a supervisor or manager to speak with.

Remember that your laptop computer can also be searched when taking a flight, you should use full disk encryption to stop the TSA staff from getting their noses in your own business.