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Wikileaks alternative: OpenLeaks

new Wikileaks alternative has just opened for business, it is called Openleaks and their target is to help whistleblowers spread leaked documents and information. Openleaks has a contact phone number (with a German country code), fax, email address (with corresponding PGP encryption key) and Skype.

Using Skype for communications does not seem too bright for someone who is a Government target, Skype is owned by eBay and it is closed source software, I can easily envision an scenario where a US Court forces eBay to insert a backdoor in Skype for the FBI to tap into the communications.

OpenLeaks website
OpenLeaks website

I wonder why Openleaks didn’t choose a Jabber based instant messenger based on XMPP, the open standard for instant messaging, Gajim and PSI would be two good choices, they both support end to end encryption with SSL and do not belong to any big US corporation open to subpoenas.

Differences between OpenLeaks and Wikileaks

Openleaks will not publish any leaked information themselves they pass it on to third parties, they define themselves as a complementary project to Wikileaks, not a competitor.

There are ways for someone to anonymously send confidential information to a third party (tor proxy, remailers, etc) but that needs time and knowledge, Openleaks will make it easy to send leaked documents, acting as a middle man in between the leaker and the publisher, the more proxies you have, the harder it becomes tracking down the source.

The only doubt in my mind is, who will dare to post the next stolen top secret documents in a censorship free media without fear of consequences? I can only think of WikiLeaks, maybe Openleaks can be used to send documents to Wikileaks. :)

In fairness Openleaks claims to be on an alpha stage and it is still too early to judge them, I hope they succeed in their endeavours, I hope they change the Skype thing too.

Visit OpenLeaks homepage (Site no longer exists)