How to hide your phone number and still receive phone calls

If you want to sell something on Craiglist, eBay or Amazon your possible customers might want to speak with you. If you mention your phone number on the advert, it might stay posted there for ever and a quick Internet search for your personal phone number will find it easily together with the text which carries personal information about what you do/sell/think.

Telemarketers could also gather your phone number and annoy you with nuisance calls attempting to sell you garbage, the reasons why your phone number should never be made public are many. hidden phone number hidden phone number

A free service called will hide your phone number providing you with a disposable weblink, in order for someone to call you the user needs to click on the link and will then connect both calls while keeping your real phone number private. Once the phone call finishes you can erase your unique URL and create a new one.

Google Voice can also be used to hide your phone number using a Google number to receive calls but it can not be used as a disposable weblink like does and Google Voice does not allow for a link to be directly posted to a website, in order to connect the calls Google Voice uses a hard to embed flash based widget.

Anonymous caller gossiping
Anonymous caller gossiping is still in beta and only available to US and Canadian residents, maximum call length is 10 minutes, I wouldn’t bet too much on still being free after they get out of beta.

If you want to use extra features like custom caller greetings or number blocking, there is another similar paid for service named

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BitCoin a decentralized digital currency for anonymous payments

Bitcoin is a virtual peer to peer currency that can be sent to anyone with a Bitcoin wallet address, it has no central authority to issue new money or keep track of transactions, these tasks are managed collectively by the nodes of the network, Bitcoin utilizes cryptographic digital signatures during mining and they can not be tampered with.

Bitcoins can be sent to anyone without using a middleman and its transactions are designed to be irreversible, Bitcoin inflation system’s money supply is distributed evenly (by CPU power) throughout the network, not monopolized by banks.

Bitcoins are entering circulation gradually, at a steady pace over many years, to nodes supporting the network in proportion to the CPU time they contribute. The total eventual circulation will be 21 million Bitcoins, there will never be more coins than that, Bitcoins can be sent to anyone with a Bitcoin address.

Note that having a powerful CPU would not make you wealthier as more coin creation will drive the price of electricity needed for generating a coin up, hence making it more profitable to buy Bitcoins directly from the market.

How do you get Bitcoins?

Generate Bitcoins running a Bitcoin network node: You will need to download open source Bitcoin software and contribute your idle CPU time to the network, Bitcoin runs in the background when your computer is idle.

Sell goods or services online: Ask to be paid with Bitcoins for your services, you can then in turn use those Bitcoins to anonymously buy other goods yourself.

Use a Bitcoin currency trader: Buy (or sell) Bitcoins using real cash, some virtual currency traders will accept cash in the post and others allow you to buy Bitcoins in person for cash in hand at a face to face meeting, assuming a Bitcoin trader lives near you, you can also buy Bitcoins online.

What can you buy with Bitcoins?

Read BitCoin trade market and BitCoin forums to get an idea of what is for sale, any company is free to accept BitCoins as a payment. There are VPN services like MullVad accepting Bitcoin payments and other companies selling freelance services, adult and hosting or gadgets.

Bitcoin escapes Government and corporations control

While the FBI has managed to raid in the past non Governmental controlled digital currency like Liberty Dollars (fraud charges) and E-gold (money laundering charges), Bitcoin is a peer to peer currency with no central authority to go to, that scenario is now out of the game.

Visa and Paypal routinely invade people’s privacy asking them to show an ID, charge exorbitant middle man fees and refuse to act as a payment processor for business they do not agree with, another form of censorship.

With Bitcoin it does not matter what product or service you are selling or buying, you do not need to worry about a prejudiced payment processing company being able to decline a financial transaction, anything can be bought and sold with Bitcoins, decentralization and anonymity are part of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is an ideal currency to be used for companies that can not find a payment processor and customers who want to remain anonymous while making a purchase, on top of that everyone saves middle man commission fees.

Bitcoin transactions software
Bitcoin transactions software

Avoid Bitcoin scammers

Remember that Bitcoin money transfers can not be reversed, once you send your Bitcoins that is it, to avoid scams refrain from sending Bitcoins to a third party that you are not sure of they will get back to you, whether it is a loan, providing the product or services they promise.

Treat Bitcoin transactions just as if you give cash to someone, they can run away with it not giving you any goods or service in exchange, ie fraud. You can use a escrow Bitcoin service like Clearcoin if you do not trust the dealer.

You must make sure that your Bitcoin wallet has been backed up and remains encrypted protected with a strong passphrase that nobody else knows.

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Chinese J20 stealth fighter jet photos leaked

First disclosed by US Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) in 1997 as XXJ, J-20 is the 5th generation multi-role fighter to enter the service between 2015 and 2018. Chinese aviation fans says they have been taking photographs of the jet during recent high speed taxi tests from outside a fence at the Chengdu Aircraft Design Institutes’s airfield in south western China.

Chengdu J20 Chinese fith generation figther jet
Chengdu J20 Chinese fith generation figther jet

The Chinese have been busy working their own designs for a twin-engine multi-role heavy fighter with stealth capability and manoeuvrability comparable to the American F-22. It took 15 years for the US military to develop the F-22, which costs around $150 million per unit, its production was terminated after President Barack Obama signed the country’s 2010 defence bill that included huge spending cuts.

Chinese Chengdu J20 stealth fighter
Chinese Chengdu J20 stealth fighter

China air force J20 fighter jet
China air force J20 fighter jet

China’s aviation industry has made rapid progress in recent years but still relies heavily on imported technology, Russian engines are still used on China’s homemade J-10 fighter jets and the J-11, a copy of Russia’s Sukoi-27 fighter jet. The prototype features a pair of all-moving tailfins and Russian 1.44 style ventral stabilizing fins, which shield the engine nozzles.

China's J20 secret stealth fighter jet
China’s J20 secret stealth fighter jet

Stealth technology is difficult to master because it relies on systems to hide the presence of the plane while equipping the pilot with enough information to attack an enemy. Emissions must be hidden and the plane’s fuselage sculpted to avoid detection by radar and infrared sensors.

Ex-ALF prisoner and FBI tipster working for Mozilla Firefox

When you watch the latest Firefox4 browser promotional video you will notice someone called Justin Samuel there telling you that Firefox is “the most secure browser out there”, what he won’t tell you in the video is that he was an FBI informant in the past and helped the FBI out convicting a fellow Animal Liberation Front member in exchange for a reduced prison sentence.


Justin Samuel Mozilla Firefox
Justin Samuel Mozilla Firefox video


Some question for Mozilla about Firefox

  1. How can you trust Firefox browser when one of your employees was an FBI snitch in the past?
  2. Has Mozilla Firefox made sure that Justin Samuel collaboration with the FBI has stopped before hiring him?
  3. Whose idea was it to ask a former FBI informant to state in the video that Firefox is the “most secure browser”?
  4. Are Mozilla Firefox employees encouraged to snitch others in order to get a reduced prison sentence?

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News Source: Animal Liberation Frontline Movement

WikiRebels – Wikileaks The Documentary (2010)

Swedish public television, SVT has released its one hour documentary about Wikileaks, SVT has been following Wikileaks and its chief editor Julian Assange from Summer 2010 until now. This is a mainstream view of Wikileaks and the people behind it.

The full version Wikileaks documentary video is one hour long, this is only an extract.

WikiRebels The WikiLeaks Documentary VOSTFR 1/3

Balkan Leaks: Alternative website to WikiLeaks

Alternative site to WikiLeaks

The powers to be have a long way to go until they understand that when you ban something you are making sure that it will be replicated, because let’s face it, most people feels curiosity to look at forbidden goods, specially banned books, pictures, articles and secret Government documents.

The Balkan Leaks website wants to expose organized crime and political corruption in the Balkan states and it works much the same like WikiLeaks, you submit the secret leaked documents and they will host them for you.

Their website gives you instructions about how to submit documents to them anonymously, which basically consists on using the Tor browser bundle and upload your documents to a .onion website they have set up, for those who do not know, .onion websites are only accessible using the tor proxy software sites using the .onion extension are censorship free and extremely hard to take down if at all possible.

Balkan Leaks system to submit documents anonymously is exceedingly safe although not as practical as WikiLeaks PGP encrypted email submission system.

Censorship Eyechart Read
Censorship Eyechart Read

Who is behind BalKan Leaks?

The website itself does not give too much information about who is behind it and what, if any, censorship free hosting they are using. A whois on using the EurID website reveals that the domain was first registered on the 8th September 2010 through French domain name registrar OVH, their DNS also points out to the site being hosted in France using French hosting company OVH.

BalKan Leaks whois domain name contact email is listed as “at @” that is where things start to get interesting because using StartingPage to perform a search on that email address throws out plenty of results, including a FaceBook page.

Perhaps the most revealing result is the one found at DomainGoat, listing that very same email address as the contact for the registrar of Bulgarian website (A site containing a link to

requested on: 23/11/2008 22:44:05.971223 EET
processed from: 07/01/2009 14:32:21.667255 EET
activated on: 29/01/2009 23:57:42.657345 EET
expires at: 07/01/2010 00:00:00 EET
registration status: Registered

SOFIA, 1000

at @

I hope none of that information is confidential because anyone with 10 minutes on their hands can find out about it easily using a search engine, I just researched their background a little because I could not find any information about who is behind the BalKan Leaks on their site.

Best of luck to Balkan Leaks and their noble cause!

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