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Live CD for anonymous internet browsing: The (Amnesic) Incognito Live System

After the sole developer of Incognito, arguably, the best Linux live CD for anonymous internet browsing, announced that he could not carry on with his work in the project, another anonymous live CD, Amnesia, decided to merge with Incognito Linux live CD, and hence, the (Amnesic) Incognito Live System was born.


Information security awareness poster
Information security awareness poster


Version 0.5 of The Amnesic Incognito Live CD is now out and includes lots of goodies for anonymous internet surfing, encryption and erasing your online tracks, such as:

  • Tor
  • Vidalia 0.2.8
  • Claws Mail 3.7.5 with OpenPGP support.
  • Pidgin automatically connects to irc.oftc.net with a randomized nickname.
  • At shutdown time, only prompt to remove CD; just halt when booted from a USB stick.
  • Forbid any IPv6 communication with the outside.
  • Added some wifi drivers: Ralink rt2570, rt2860 and Broadcom STA.

My hats off to this great live CD for anonymous internet surfing!

For those who fear that the Chinese or British secret services will seize their computers one day, a live CD is the sure way to avoid leaving any tracks on your computer.

The (Amnesic) Incognito Live System homepage


Freebie: Free full version East-Tec Eraser 2009

I came accross this offer at Softpedia today and I thought about sharing it with all of you. Valid until 31st January 2010, you can download a free full licensed version of East-Tec Eraser 2009.

I just downloaded and registered it and so far so good, it works fine with Windows Vista 64 bit. East-Tec Eraser is last year’s version of this software but still has lots of great features. It can clean your Windows registry, email software, Windows OS unwanted backups and page file, cookies, history, and a long etc.

East-Tec Eraser 2009 is highly configurable and it has a wide range of wiping methods.

Eas-Tec Eraser 2009 wiping software
Eas-Tec Eraser 2009 wiping software

Note: Do not fool yourself! East-Tec Eraser does a great job making life difficult for anyone trying to recover data from your computer. But if your life is at stake, use full disk encryption (Truecrypt)! Sometimes only a single picture or a single document is necessary to ruin your life for ever.

Free East-Tec Eraser 2009 (link valid until 31st January 2010):
http://www.east-tec.com/offers/softpedia/2009/eraser/register.htm (Offer gone!)

Late readers: get Eraser (Freeware):

Metasploit Anti-Forensic Investigation Arsenal (MAFIA)

These are high level antiforensic tools, not to be used by little girls, you will need a good understanding of computers to know what you are doing:

1- Timestomp – First ever tool that allows you to modify all four NTFS timestamp values: modified, accessed, created, and entry modified.

2- Slacker – First ever tool that allows you to hide files within the slack space of the NTFS file system.

3- Sam Juicer – A Meterpreter module that dumps the hashes from the SAM, but does it without ever hitting disk.

These are not new tools, they have been around for a couple of years already and they are still as useful as when they came out. You can download them at Metasploit website, a highly reccomended place for all those interested in antiforensics.

The next time your laptop gets seized at the border because the Customs Officer  did not get his usual bribe, or got pissed off that your wife hooters are bigger than his dwarfed and rusty piece of flesh he calls wife at home. Make sure the corrupt officers get to confiscate a full encrypted laptop and a thumbdrive UNENCRYPTED with all file timestamps changed to 20th April, 1889, a date they will be familiar with, as that is when Hitler was born.