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British police officer infiltrated in campaign groups exposed

The UK Government does not have enough presiding over the country in the World with most CCTV per habitant, they do not have enough recording all of the websites British people visit, they do not have enough with inviting ISPs to block access to a secret list of websites (suspected child porn they call it), they do not have enough keeping a record of the numbers people call to and who is sending an email to whom, in order to satisfy Great Leader, they need even more data.

That British undercover officers infiltrate campaign groups is nothing new, what is more unusual is that they are caught red handed, just proof of their incompetence if nothing else.

Undercover British police officer Mark Kennedy
Undercover British police officer Mark Kennedy

According to various threads at Indymedia UK  a very well known political activist known as Mark Stone, is in reality “Mark Kennedy” a British undercover police officer who has been informing on activists for the last 10 years.

Indymedia Scotland post naming “Mark Stone” as undercover police officer Mark Kennedy:


Indymedia UK with pictures of suspected undercover police officer Mark Kennedy:


In other order of news, Officer A already confessed on video a few months ago to being part of a secretive Metropolitan Police unit whose job was to infiltrate political campaigns and pass on the information to his bosses at the police department, claiming prevention of public disorder to justify their spying on perfectly legal political campaign groups.

Officer A provides an account of a secretive British police unit spying on protest groups.

If you are UK political activist and want protection from state voyeurism you can get a free guide on privacy for political activists at the sites below:

Activist Security: http://www.activistsecurity.org/

Legal resource centre for UK political campaigners: http://www.freebeagles.org/