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Video: Using eraser to delete files for good

This is mainly a video for begginers, just some introduction on why you should use a secure data wiper to delete files in your computer.

A computer user shows you on screen how to use Eraser to safely wipe documents and making them vanish for good.

Eraser is one of my favourite tools to destroy data, free and open source.


Interview with a computer forensics expert

I thought this was a cool interview, if you already know about computer forensics you may find you will not learn anyting new here, but I really reccomend to listen to the interview to begginers who have no clue what a computer forensics expert does.

One day it may be one of the bad guys who takes your computer away, you better know what they do before your private computer life becomes an open book. You may also want to look at the other posts I have tagged with computer forensics.