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Freebie: Free full version East-Tec Eraser 2009

I came accross this offer at Softpedia today and I thought about sharing it with all of you. Valid until 31st January 2010, you can download a free full licensed version of East-Tec Eraser 2009.

I just downloaded and registered it and so far so good, it works fine with Windows Vista 64 bit. East-Tec Eraser is last year’s version of this software but still has lots of great features. It can clean your Windows registry, email software, Windows OS unwanted backups and page file, cookies, history, and a long etc.

East-Tec Eraser 2009 is highly configurable and it has a wide range of wiping methods.

Eas-Tec Eraser 2009 wiping software
Eas-Tec Eraser 2009 wiping software

Note: Do not fool yourself! East-Tec Eraser does a great job making life difficult for anyone trying to recover data from your computer. But if your life is at stake, use full disk encryption (Truecrypt)! Sometimes only a single picture or a single document is necessary to ruin your life for ever.

Free East-Tec Eraser 2009 (link valid until 31st January 2010):
http://www.east-tec.com/offers/softpedia/2009/eraser/register.htm (Offer gone!)

Late readers: get Eraser (Freeware):

Get free privacy&security software through Trialpay

I had a virtual credit card with $1 credit left and I thought about giving a go at Trialpay, a company that promises you free software in exchange for signing up with one of their sponsors. I am very satisfied with the results, I got two products for free.

The first rule of Capitalism, is that no business will ever give you anything for free, one way or another they expect to make a profit out of you, with money, free advertising or whatever. Trialpay is no immune from this rule, very few of their “trials” involve no money, I only spotted two and both of them made it difficult for me to get out of the trial without paying.

I want you to buy crap

1- I signed up with Realplay first, the product they were selling was absolute rubbish, a subscription to a radio station online that I can listen through other means, you will have 14 days to cancel their garbage, but they will not inform you of their little trick until you are going to cancel.

They do not accept cancelations online, you will have to call them over the phone to some US number. Luckily I then spotted that deaf people can’t ┬ábe expected to call over the phone, I contacted their representative over their 24hours online chat and I told her I was deaf so I could not cancel over the phone, she checked with her supervisor and quickly cancelled my membership. My software license was already in my inbox, cancelling the membership does not ┬árender it invalid. The conditions where that I signed up for the trial which I did, keeping their garbage is optional.

2- Emusic, I used them to get my second free software, you will have 7 days to cancel before they charge your credit card and they allow you to cancel it online, the trick with this company is that they will not send you the license for your choosen software until 48 hours have passed.

You will have to cancel on the third day, and make sure you dont download more than 25 songs or your credit card will be charged. You will be asked to download their software to play the songs, on that screen look at the right hand side and very small you will find a small line in grey colour that says “skip”, click it.

3-Godaddy, they say if you spend $2.50 with them you get your privacy software for free, what they do not tell you is that the cheapest service they have on their page is a .com domain for $9.99, I dediced to skip on Godaddy.


You can easily get a free license to your choosen privacy and security software with the Emusic trial, with Realplay it will work too calling them to a US number, if you spend $10 on Godaddy you will get your choosen product as well. Trialpay has problems with the Opera browser I would advise you go with Firefox for visiting them.

Depending on what country IP Trialpay detects some sponsors will not be available and new ones may appear. If you use a virtual credit card without funds to register the risk of accidental theft will be reduced. You don’t even need to facilitate your real name, in that case the license for your software will be issued to the fake name of your choice.

Software payable through Trialpay

TitanBackup: Backup utility with incremental and differential backups, as well as AES 256 bit encryption.

TitanBackup through Trialpay: http://www.trialpay.com/checkout/?c=085c9f9&tid=A7D8fAl

- ZoneAlarm ForceField: Virtualized browser security applest to protect your browser from executing malicious scripts.

ZoneAlarm ForceField Trialpay: http://www.trialpay.com/checkout/?c=075a676

- Tracks EraserPro: Erase all tracks of your Internet activity.

Tracks EraserPro Trialpay: http://www.trialpay.com/checkout/?c=hefwcx

-Tenebril GhostSurf: An anonymous Internet connection that hides your IP address.

Tenebril GhostSurf Trialpay: http://www.trialpay.com/checkout/?c=c26caa2

-Avira AntiVir Premium: Protects you against threats from viruses, worms, trojans, rootkits, phishings, adware, spyware and bots.

Avira AntiVir Premium Trialpay: http://www.trialpay.com/checkout/?c=3c168ad

- Roboform: Manage and encrypt your passwords, fill in forms and syncronize computers, it does not work with the Opera browser.

Roboform Trialpay: http://www.trialpay.com/checkout/?c=djojaj

-ICGHosting Linux VPS: A VPS is Virtual Private Server and it can be used for webhosting or SSH tunnelling in between many others.

ICGHosting Linux VPS Trialpay: http://www.igchosting.com/linux_vps.shtml select “Order Free with TrialPay”

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