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Review: Anonymous internet surfing VforVPN

It has been quite a while since I last used VforVPN and I am glad they are still online as I was quite happy with their services and customer support.

With a VPN you will avoid your ISP logging your internet activities and will make it next to impossible for outsiders to eavesdrop on your internet activities. I would recommend you to always get a VPN located outside the country where you live, aka offshore, this will make it even harder for your local Stasi, aka Cia, aka Mi5, et al, to read your emails and look at your online habits.

I still do not understand why VforVPN is so little know as it is one of the few services that will support Unix systems, my guess is that many people will be put off when they read in their about page that the person behind the company is a high school student.

The Good Stuff

Once you can install OpenVPN in your Unix system you are ready to go, VforVPN will work in Linux, Solaris or any BSD,  I used it with FreeBSD so I can tell you for sure it will work with it.

If you plan on using VforVPN with Unix you will need to ask support to send you a digital certificate which in my case they did in less than 24 hours. For some unknown reason I only managed to make it work when I was logged in as root, otherwise the openvpn command would give me some error, even though the other user in the box had full rights.

One of the big frustrations I have with VPN proxies is that they will only support Windows, it is refreshing to find a provider that will not force you to use Microsoft. Some of those providers don’t even work with Windows 64 bit,  when incidentally a Windows 64 bit OS is more secure than a 32 bit operating system.

You have two plans available with VforVPN, one using PPTP and another using OpenVPN. PPTP is an outdated Microsoft technology that does not provide confidentiality nor encryption; It relies on the protocol being tunnelled to provide privacy, for high security you would be advised to keep well away from the Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP), the OpenVPN plan is slightly more expensive but considerably safer.

During the time I used VforVPN I never experienced any downtime or speed issue, however I could not connect to the Undernet network in IRC as they have VforVPN IP blacklisted, likely to be due to somebody misusing anonymity to carry out abuse.

Connecting to other IRC networks other than Undernet worked fine. You are very likely to find many proxies blacklisted in IRC servers, including tor proxies, so I can not hold this against VforVPN.

The Bad Stuff

A high school student managing your privacy is not what you would ideally expect from a privacy service, you would probably want an individual with many years of IT experience and a proven record in the privacy business.

Their servers are located in the US, and their privacy policy claims that they do not log anything, this is not possible as any internet connexion to any server will produce logs of some kind, what they probably mean like most other services claiming no logs, is that they only retain them for a few hours and then they get overwritten, but logs must be created in some way or shape even if for a few hours or less, without this it would be impossible for them to troubleshoot any technical problem.

I can not vouch for the no logs claim of any VPN provider, there is no way anyone but them can know the truth about this. They could claim 30 days logs and keep them for 30 years or 30 seconds, that is why for truly anonymity, anything other than tor is only pseudoanonymous, but tor proxies are slow and you can’t stream video or do bittorrent or anything that demands high bandwidth and speed, at times you will need to consider a VPN provider for internet surfing.


VforVPN has some of the cheapest prices I have found, their speed and uptime was 100% during the time I used them, they replied quickly and efficiently to my emails, and their service works with Windows, Linux and even the iPhone (or other smartphones)!

You will have to trust a high school student to manage your privacy, but at least they are letting you know, if VforVPN stay in business for a few years this will not apply anymore.

At other companies you usually do not have a clue of who is managing your privacy, it could be the same or worse.

This is my independent review based on my personal experience, you are more than welcome to comment below any negative or positive experience you had with them, I never censor anyone other than spammers.

VPN Tunnel
VPN Tunnel

UPDATE: As of 01 September 2009, VforVPN has gone offline!

I am deleting the link I had to them as their domain name is now parked.

UPDATE 2: As of 01 December 2009, VforVPN came back online! I would avoid paying one year in advance to this VPN just in case it goes offline again.

UPDATE  January 2011: Website is down, stay out of this VPN provider, not stable, assuming they still exist.