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FBI asks for help breaking encryption code in murder case

The FBI is not trying to break the mighty PGP or Truecrypt, they have been trying to crack a home-brew encryption code and have not succeed, this can only indicate that they haven’t got that many means to break encryption as they like people to believe, being this a murder case one can assume that it is a high priority case and if after 12 years they are asking the public for help one can assume that they are at a dead end road.

Encrypted note FBI murder case
Encrypted note FBI murder case

The encrypted notes were written by the victim and it is the only clue to solve the murder, his family claims that he had used such encrypted notes since he was a boy, but no one in his family knows how to decipher the code. The American Cryptogram Association has been helping out in this case and unable to crack the code too.

FBI cryptanalysts are asking for other encrypted notes using the same code in order for them to compare and move their theories for cracking the code forward.

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