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List of suspected Usenet groups carrying child porn

I got the list of the banned Usenet newsgroups from some Newsprovider FAQ webpage, while explaining what groups they carry, they then posted the names of the newsgroups that legal entities have asked them to censor citing child porn as a excuse.

This Newsprovider FAQ website claims that in April 2009 legal authorities requested them to remove a list of 18 Usenet groups suspected of carrying child porn, to which they agreed without question not even making sure this was truth.

This newsprovider textually says “it was not something we felt was wise to try and defend”. For personal reasons I have decided not to name this little known small Newsgroup provider.

It is appalling the number of Usenet providers willing to comply with non legal requests citing child porn that they can not even proof it exists.

I think it is safe to assume that those unnamed legal authorities providing the list of Usenet groups suspected of carrying child pornography also asked many other Usenet providers to remove them.

Paedophile handbook
Paedophile handbook


I have been looking at the list (names not content!) of banned Usenet groups that the Government asked to black out claiming they contain child eroticism. I have compared that list with the groups other Usenet providers carry, and at the very least, Newsrazor.net,  AltBinaries.com, and even Astraweb.com, they all have stopped carrying the forbidden groups.

Only four of the newsgroups are named after openly mistrustful words such as pedophilia,  firsthair, early-teens and 13-17. All of the other banned Usenet groups have completely innocent names. Unless you consider prettyboy, bdcompany, mclt, or adolescents words that inspire something dark.

The censorship is smarter than the Great Firewall of China, they drop access to discussion groups from your face, and to make things more confusing they have kept Usenet groups named very similar to those on the list of banned Usenet groups. Unless you know the clear-cut name of the group you may believe they carry them and they have no messages posted, when in fact it is a typo.

Child porn is being used once more by the enemies of free speech to censor the internet, they do not even have to apply for a Court order anymore, simply send a letter and say “hey, suspected child porn, censor these 18 Usenet groups for me”.

No judge ever checks that there is any ground for the claims and user needs not to be informed.

Child porn lies
Child porn lies


Newsgroups are one of the few free speech spaces left on the internet, because once someone has posted something it can not be taken down, it is then normal that some authorities do not like this, they know far well that the next Usenet posting may contain receipts of politicians corrupt bribes and pictures of police abuse.

I suggest you stop using Usenet providers willing to censor groups without any legal obligation to do so.


The newsgroup providers below carry the list of banned Usenet groups as of April 2010, but nobody can’t guarantee they will be kept censorship free for ever.

I have recommended Astraweb in the past as a real uncensored provider, in light on this, not anymore.

Altopia: The only downside I see to Altopia is that multipart binaries retention is low, but their privacy policy and prices are very reasonable.

BlockNews: They carry most of the hard to find groups, with no censorship at all and better prices than Astraweb in block accounts.

Sonic-News: I have never used them, but they have a search function on their site where you can check what groups they carry and they seem to have all the censored ones.

Anarqy: They outsource their Usenet servers from Highwinds and news-service, I hence doubt they can choose to censor or not to censor groups. Their page looks strangely similar to that of Sonic-News, this makes me believe they are reselling on the same backbone.