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Law enforcement data compliance guides leaked

Everytime you use a service such as Facebook, MySpace, Stickam or Hotmail all of those companies log your IP and record your personal details as well as data of those who have been comunicating with you, email address, time and date, etc.

How long for do social network sites and email companies keep logs and what data is included on them?

That is something that most of them will keep secret from you and do not relase to the public domain, at the same time you will be forced to sign an abusive agreement written in giverish, giving them the power to retain your personal data (username, IP logs,timestamps,anything) for as long as they want and share it with law enforcement if requested to do so.

The FBI is watching you
The FBI is watching you

Facebook, Paypal, Microsoft, Myspace and other law enforcement data compliance guides have now been leaked and posted at Cryptome.

Microsoft even attempted some of their bully boy tactics and issued a DMCA take down notice against Cryptome for posting their Global Criminal Compliance Handbook.

Microsoft seems far too worried that you may find out that Hotmail keeps yougs of your IP for 60 days or that they have a law enforcement hotline for emergency data requests. Something they should make clear to any user signing up for their services anyway.

If you want to know what data does Windows Live Messenger stores in Microsoft servers, How long does Facebook and MySpace keeps your IP logs, and the kind of logs that Paypal and Ebay keep, then download the guides below from Cryptome website.

Microsoft Global Criminal Spy Guide:

Ebay-PayPal Law Enforcement Guide:

MySpace Law Enforcement Guide:

Comcast Law Enforcement Guide:

Facebook Law Enforcement Guide:

AOL Law Enforcement Guide:

Skype Law Enforcement Guide:

Cox Communications Law Enforcement Guide:

Stickam Law Enforcement Guide:

Cryptome is also a great resource for anyone interested in privacy, I highly recomend it, and if you want to support their work you can buy from their website two DVDs containing the full website archive.

Secret FBI subpoena demanding IP Addresses of all visitors to Indymedia.us

It is only now that the subpoena has been fought off successfully in court that it can be know how the FBI attempted to get all the IP addresses of people visiting Indymedia.us, an independent news website. The subpoena also imposed a gag order and demanded the recipient’s silence under threat of being prosecuted for obstruction to justice.

Unfortunately for the FBI Indymedia has a no logs policy so besides being defeated in Court by the Electronic Frountiers Foundation, its request could not be fulfilled anyway.

I wonder what kind of people the US has protecting them from terrorism, unpaid fines and rape, when the FBI intelligence team is not aware that Indymedia does not keep logs?

This is actually public information that Indymedia has all over its website.

FBI: Fucktard Bureau of Investigation
FBI: Fucktard Bureau of Investigation

You can read all of the saucy details on how the Electronic Frontier Foundation won the case against this bogus FBI subpoena at the EFF webpage: Anatomy of a Bogus Subpoena

Indymedia UK security set up

Just for all the fucktard officers reading this who do not know how to use Google, let me tell you some of UK Indymedia security set up. (I will assume the security of their Worldwide Indymedia counterparts resembles it).

Hardware encryption:

There are two physical servers that are owned by Indymedia UK, both servers are fully encrypted, the passphrases required for the disk encryption software are in the region of 30-40 characters minimum, they are only stored in an encrypted format by trusted administrators.

If any of the servers are turned off for any reason the passphrases needs to be manually re-entered before the machine can become functional again. People who have physical access to the servers do not normally hold the passphrases, and in some instances, the passphrases are kept in a different country to where the machine is located.

Software anonymisation:

The UK Indymedia website uses software designed around a central publish server from which static HTML content is then copied to mirrors.

UK  Indymedia has employed up to 10 mirrors at any one time, the mirrors may be located anywhere around the world, when you post an article you will be redirected to one of these mirrors at random. Mirrors, like the publish server, are set up to not log IP addresses.

FBI top secret tip to always get it right

-"This is the best marksmanship I have ever seen" - said the
idiot man
-"How in the World do you do it?"
-"Nothing to it" - says the Fucktard Bureau of Investigation
-"I shoot first and draw the circles afterwards"