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Aiport x-ray full body scanner images of hot girl

A 29 year old British woman (not the one in the picture), Jo Margetson, has recently made a complaint to the police against a London Heathrow airport security guard who said he “loved those gigantic tits,” as she passed through the machine by mistake.

This probably gives an indication of what is to come once airport x-ray full body scanners have been deployed everywhere.

One easy way people could take images of hot women while they pass x-ray full body scanners is by using a mobile phone or tiny spy camera to take a photograph of the screen showing the scanned images and then upload them to Usenet to share with others.

It is now clear you can revert the scan and get the full naked images of the hot sexy girls with very little effort. You will need a simple image editor for this.

Image of sexy girl:

full body negative image naked woman
Full body negative image naked woman

To achieve the effect below with Photoshop you will need to go to “Image>Adjustments>Invert”. Alternatively click on shortcut CTRL+I.

At other image editing software look for a function called “Invert”.

Reverted sexy woman naked
Reverted sexy woman naked

Your airport x-ray scanner porn is nearly ready, now just apply some additional image editor filters, tweak the brightness and contrast, and you will get the result below.

sexy woman naked
Sexy woman naked

Anyone who comes across x-ray full body scanner images of children could also manufacture naked images of real children, but this is not advised as it would most likely be illegal.

UPDATE November 2010: The original image is not a real x-ray airport scanner image ( I was duped into believing it was sorry).

I am now posting below a full body real image of an x-ray airport scanner so you can appreciate that the difference isn’t that huge.

Airport X-ray full body scanner image
Airport X-ray full body scanner image

The NSA worked on Windows 7 before its release

The recent testimony of Richard Schaefer’s  to the Senate Judiciary’s Subcommittee on Terrorism and Homeland Security reveals that the NSA tinkered with Windows 7 before its release, it looks like one of the biggest voyeur agencies in the World is not missing a single opportunity to get its filthy pawns all over people’s operating system.

Richard Schaefer, NSA Information Assurance Director quoted

“Working in partnership with Microsoft and elements of the DoD, NSA leveraged our unique expertise and operational knowledge of system threats and vulnerabilities to enhance Microsoft’s operating system security guide without constraining the user’s ability to perform their everyday tasks”

PRIVACY WARNING: Before visiting the NSA website use a proxy!

Full testimony: http://www.nsa.gov/public_info/speeches_testimonies/17nov09_schaeffer.shtml

USA spying on citizens
spooks spying on innocent citizens

Protection against possible NSA backdoors on Windows 7

If you are a Windows 7 user you will want to protect your life, wife and kids from outside interference, but this will be extremely hard now that it is known the NSA had access to Windows 7 before you.

The obvious advice is that you should not use Windows 7 at all, but if you must, at the very least try to stop any possible NSA malware with open source security software:

  • Do not use the Windows 7 firewall get some old computer and install a free open source firewall based on FreeBSD such as M0n0wall
  • Do not use Microsoft Windows Defender get a free open source antivirus such as ClamWin
  • Watch what data packets are being sent out and where, download a free packet sniffer such as Wireshark

United Kingdom airport gets digital strip search scanner

As we all know the World is full of terrorists, child porn, kidnappers, drug dealers and people who don’t pay their taxes, Manchester airport Terminal 2, in the UK nonetheless, has found a new magic weapon to fight all the evildoers, the digital strip search, aka Rapiscan equipment, for your own security, before boarding on a plane you are to be seen naked by airport staff through x-rays.

UK child pornography law at odds with digital strip searching of kids

Since producing a naked image or pseudoimage of a child is illegal and they have no written parental consent for scanning children(i.e. taking a naked image), the only problem Manchester airport is facing right now is that their full body scanners probably contravene UK child porn law. The scanners have been banned for use on children until this is clarified.

The technology has already been trialled at Heathrow airport as well and if successful it could be rolled out across Britain.

Full body x-ray scanner UK airport
Full body x-ray scanner

The technology behind backscatter x-ray

Backscatter X-ray is a new imaging system which detects the radiation which comes back from the target, A “high energy x-ray beam” moves rapidly over the person’s form and a high resolution image of the person’s nude body is constructed when the scattered x-ray “from a known position” is detected. The images produced by the scan also show breast enlargements and piercings.

The USA following Brits ideas

The US has already taken delivery of x-ray machines from the same company, Rapiscan Systems, there are 23 airports in the United States – with 40 machines collectively – which are also running tests, but it is not clear about which airports they are placed at.

Will airport staff be able to resist this full body scan?

Woman ass X-ray scan
FAKED SCAN (illustration purposes)

Review: Full disk encryption DiskCryptor v0.7.435.90

Most of you will have heard of Truecrypt, a free an open source hard disk encryption product, there are only another free and open source software for full disk encryption in Windows that I am aware of, DiskCryptor. You can download a 32bit or 64bit version of Diskcryptor depending on your OS.

I tested DiskCryptor using it for full disk encryption of my netbook, an Asus PC901 with a 12GB HDD divided in between two solid state disks of 8GB and 4GB. DiskCryptor is an ideal alternative to encrypt a netbook because netbooks do not have a CD drive and Truecrypt will force you to burn a CD to use system encryption, which DiskCryptor does not.

DiskCryptor cascade algortyhms
DiskCryptor cascade algortyhms

The first thing that impressed me of DiskCryptor is how small it is in size, a little over 500KB, but this comes at a price since the software manual does not come along and you get a link to their website instead.

I was pleased to see DiskCryptor offering a wide choice of encryption algorythms, AES-256, Twofish or Serpent algorithms in XTS mode, all of them seem to be pretty sound algorythms to me, and they can be used on cascade mode as well, VIA Padlock hardware accelaration for encryption and hashing is supported too.

The built-in benchmark shows the top speed with which cryptographic algorithms can perform, but I have to tell you that even on a netbook with a single core Intel Atom processor, regardless of the encryption algortyhm used I noticed no perfomance difference while using the netbook.

DiskCryptor encryption of partition
DiskCryptor encryption of partition

DiskCryptor allows wipe while encrypting, with three, seven or thirty five passes (Guttman method), but wiping a solid state disk like the one Asus Eee PC901 has is not safe, since solid state disks, like thumb drives, use wear levelling technology and the wiping passes are spread evenly accross the disk and not on the same sectors. If you are using a solid state disk, make sure it does not contain any confidential data that an electrons microscope could recover(very expensive to do right now), the only way to do this is by using a new disk, wiping it may fail to sanitize de disk.

With DiskCryptor you also can encrypt an ISO file and then burn it to CD-R/DVD/BD-R , after that you  will only be able to mount the image with DiskCryptor and the correct password/keyfile.

You can also set up a hot key to cause a blue screen of death, if you need to urgently shut down your computer when someone busts into your home unexpectedly this seems the way to go, it is quicker than clicking on the power off button.

The Good Stuff

DiskCryptor works with RAID volumes, you get a wide choice of algorythms, DiskCryptor is easy to use and unlike Truecrypt, it works on netbooks out of the box. DiskCryptor is open source, you can check for backdoors if you have the skills.

The software does not cost you any money, you can customize the boot loader widely, DiskCryptor boot loader customization is far better than Truecrypt, you can choose to install the bootloader on a CD/DVD, set up timeouts, choose if you want to use a QUERTY or DVORAK keyboard, and there is also a Windows live CD BartPE plugin for DiskCryptor.

The Bad Stuff

DiskCryptor should include some basic documentation at the very least, the GUI is easy to use and intuitive but encryption products need to come with instructions, a newbie could easily feel overwhelmed. DiskCriptor is only available for Windows, and there is no choice of hashing algorythms other than the default SHA-512.

There is also no choice of burning a recovery CD in case the boot loader gets corrupted (although you can backup the headers).

DiskCryptor password enter box
DiskCryptor password box


DiskCryptor is an excellent free and open source full disk encryption  alternative to Truecrypt, with a wide choice of encryption algorythms and easy to use, but they need to improve their poor documentation.

Their FAQ states that they are planning to implement a hidden OS in future versions, I think Diskcryptor looks promising and Truecrypt has a worthy competitor.


Video: No2ID, stop the UK database state now

After rejecting the plans five times, the House of Lords finally dropped its resistance to fingerprint and take mugshots of everyone on the island.

Compulsory ID cards?

Of course not! You will not be required to use an ID card unless you wish to work, use the banking or health system, travel or receive benefits.

Will your data be secure on their hands?

Government items to have disappeared since 1997 include a motorbike, laptops, mobile phones, satellite phones, BlackBerries, a Victorian desk, numerous satellite navigation devices, a £10 wall clock, a toaster and 12 rolls of gaffer tape.

And this is not me making it up, this list is the written answer supplied to Mike Weir, the Scottish National Party MP for Angus.

No2ID Video

Interview with a computer forensics expert

I thought this was a cool interview, if you already know about computer forensics you may find you will not learn anyting new here, but I really reccomend to listen to the interview to begginers who have no clue what a computer forensics expert does.

One day it may be one of the bad guys who takes your computer away, you better know what they do before your private computer life becomes an open book. You may also want to look at the other posts I have tagged with computer forensics.

Countermeasures against the UK Communications Data Bill

In order to protect British citizens from crime the UK government has come up with an idea, a law called The Communications Data Bill.

Every email within, or coming into or out of the UK will be time stamped and logged (email content not included, at this stage), and websites will be tracked so that anyone the UK  government believes could be interested in your private data will be granted access to it.

My blog is not as much about making a case for privacy, but about teaching people how to secure their lives from unwanted guests, so I go straight about how you render useless The UK Communications Data Bill.

1) Never use your British ISP to send email, use webmail instead and make sure it is not a British webmail provider, use SSL in all your email communications, for extra security from eavesdroppers, illegal without a court order, but you never know what a government obsessed with controlling its citizens is capable of doing.

2) Change your computer MAC address every week, you can use a free utility called Technitium MAC Address Changer for this. It will make locating your computer more difficult, ISPs log your MAC address when you connect to them.

3) Only browse the internet through an pseudo-anonymous VPN that will stop your ISP from logging any website you visit, like  for example the paid for Steganos VPN that claims not to keep any logs, they don’t have to because they are not an ISP, or use a proxy like tor safer than a VPN and free but very slow for downloading data.

4) Dont use your phone for making calls, use your favourite voice over IP utility with Zphone instead, VoIP will not record your calls like phone companies have to do, and Zphone is a free an open source utility that will encrypt the content of your calls to stop Jacqui Smith from watching and listening your private calls.

5) Wear a cap when you walk through the British streets, if you believe Jacqui Smith (UK Home secretary) is after you,  you need to know that some British CCTV have automatic facial face recognition installed, (at the moment mainly at airports), you probably don’t want them to see you going into that SexShop a cap will make it difficult for CCTV located above you to recognise your face due to the shadow.