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I have been with NearlyFreeSpeech webhosting for three years (not this blog) and this review is based on that experience. The fact that I have been with them for so long already indicates that I am happy with their services, although there isn’t too much competition in the free speech webhosting field and that also helped.

Besides webhosting, also does domain name registration with whois privacy included.

At the time of writting this NearlyFreeSpeech fees are very cheap for static sites (no database and few pictures).  Just remember to change the settings on your account because by default it is set up to support PHP and once you change it to static site the price will go down.

You will need to pay in order to get support for your hosting account at NearlyFreeSpeech, but I have found their members only forum, to be very useful,  NearlyFreeSpeech staff hangs around there too and they will help you out whenever they can.

During my time with NearlyFreeSpeech I have always gotten free meaningful support from their forums. No question has gone unanswered.

Muhammed the prophet
Muhammed the prophet

The Good Stuff

As long as your content is legal in the United States, where NearlyFreeSpeech is based, you will have absolutely no problems with them, it does not matter if you are promoting pedophilia, Hitler, Stalin or anything similar, NearlyFreeSpeech will not take the content down if this is legal in the US and does not infringe on copyright.

You can pay via Paypal, credit card or sending a money order in the post, the last payment method being a rare find for a webhost.

NearlyFreeSpeech will also take anonymous donations to fund your hosting account, this is an excellent way for people to anonymously fund your website, with no involvement from your part, the donator will only need to indicate your hosting account number, which you can make clear on your site, and you will be notified by NearlyFreeSpeech every time someone sends money in.

NearlyFreeSpeech members can propose new features to be implemented and they are then submitted to a popular vote.  There is support for SFTP and SSH and the sense of community at the forums is also very good.

The Bad Stuff

The only way to upload your files is with an FTP or SFTP client, there is no web interface to do that. Nearlyfreespeech hosting control panel is unique to them and has been developed in house, its navigation is hard and you will need to get used to it, it also has far less features than the more usual cPanel.

It will be hard for you to work out what you are going to pay at the end of the year, the way used to calculate that is complex, consisting of the sum of number of active databases, bandwith used, space used, email forwarding used, etc.

You will need to pay to get hosting support and any hosting software you need to install will have to be done manually because you can’t do that from the control panel.

Barak Obama
Barak Obama


If your site is controversial but legal in the US, you will feel safe hosting it at NearlyFreeSpeech.

Their hosting panel is poor and hard to navigate and you will need not to know the basics of webhosting, such as how an FTP client works.

You will only be better off NearlyFreeSpeech if your website has specific software needs such as some peculiar CMS that you would like to install through the hosting panel. You may also be bothered by not being able to work out what the hosting is going to cost you at the end of the year.

Visit NearlyFreeSpeech

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5 thoughts on “Review: Free speech webhosting NearlyFreeSpeech”

  1. You are disrespectful and disgusting for reusing this hatred-promoting image. Islamophobia is behind much of the surveillance shit you’re suffering from in the West now and you’re only fueling it. I’m unsubscribing from your feed until you learn to respect the beliefs of others.

  2. The reason why I am using the image of Muhammed the Prophet on this post has nothing to do with Islamophobia, I am using the image because the cartoonist who drawed it has suffered various murder attempts o his life.

    I will not accept a 70yo grandad, who is a cartoonist by profession, has to live in constant fear for his life because he drawed something as dangerous as a cartoon at the back of a newspaper.

    I am making a stance, I stand with the cartoonist, they wanted to censor his images through fear, if we allow that, the next thing we know they will be censoring anything else they like using the same methods.

    Anyone using a cartoon as a excuse for bombing airplanes is crazy enough to bomb airplanes using any excuse, I do not accept a cartoon is the real reason for extremism, people doing that are already extremists anyway.

    Feel free to unsubscribe, I will not remove the image.

  3. Stop twisting the facts. Nobody tried to “bomb” a plane because of the cartoon. I can’t understand how a supposed intellectual like you who understands government tricks and propaganda falls for this cheap lie. The last “plane bombing” attempt was “successful” and the passengers did hear firecracker sounds, meaning it wasn’t even a real bomb. The US government let the “bomber” get on the plane even after his father reported him. It was all a big joke to instill fear and fuel Islamophobia so people would give in to even more expansive governmental powers.

    Same thing with 9/11 which started all this: Countless holes in the official story, including lack of an airplane in the pentagon footage, and the survival of some of the “hijackers”(!), and I’m sure you know a lot about it too. It’s all a big lie to start a war for oil; surveillance society; and a militarized economy.

    You also forgot about all the West’s crimes: Native Americans; Australian aboriginals; African slaves; Colonization and Imperialism; Nuclear bombs; Palestinian Exodus; Thousands of dead Iraqis and Afghans. But you only remember WTC’s which is SUPPOSEDLY done by 20 Islamic extremists. How fair is that? Who is the real terrorist and who is the real victim?

    The image should be censored because it hurts people’s feelings without a reason. It made me burn with anger (including against the West, because you people don’t have respect for God or his prophets). Do I have the right to photoshop a photo of -pardon me- your mother in an obscene picture? Is this “free speech” or is it meanless hatred-based offense? Can I say “all Westerns must be killed” in a newspaper, and then claim it’s freedom of expression? I’m all for free speech, but this is anarchy. You are fueling hatred on both sides, and not gaining anything from it except escalating the situation – which is exactly what THEY want you to do.

  4. Ahmed, nobody tried to bomb a plane because of a cartoon but someone tried to kill the cartoonist because of them. Anyone capable of that, given the chance, is perfectly capable of bombing an air plane too.

    In the second place I have never claimed to be an intellectual, far from it, I am actually uneducated with no studies and this blog is my personal hobby, I am a hobby blogger.

    The fact that no part of my livehood depends on what I post on this blog allows me to offend people, countries and religions as much as I want.

    And more important, it allows me to tell you what I am going to tell you now.

    I will skip the bullshit conspiracy theories of US WTC inside job, because it has nothing to do with the post, let’s then concentrate in the reason of your initial upsetting, a cartoon.

    People incapable of understanding the difference between a real existing person and a cartoon of an imaginary being has problems. Those people incapable of accepting mockery of their religion can only be explained because their religion is weak and needs to be protected from criticism and scorning.

    I am aware that cartoon was considered highly offensive in all Muslim countries, that is why I came to the conclusion that Islam is a piece of shit religion and should be completely banned and exterminated from the face of Earth, the sooner the better.

    From all the existent nonsense religions on Earth there is none there worse than Islam.

    I am not one of those gay Western politicians bending down daily in order to please Muslims, I can tell what most common people in the West probably thinks, exterminate Islam by all means.

    If you want to renounce to Islam you are still on time and can get help, consider joining the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain:

  5. “Capable of bombing an airplane”? You’re not only capable of bombing an airplane with 300 people, you actually DID bomb two countries, killed, maimed, tortured, orphaned and widowed tens of thousands of its people and still counting. There is no freaking comparison.

    What you just said shows that you don’t know crap about religions. You don’t know that the Bible, which Jews and Christians consider to be the word of God, and on which congressmen who “lead the free world” swear on, explicitly allowed or even ordered the:
    A. Subjugation of women (Duetronomy 21:10-13, Numbers 31:32-35, 1Corinthians 11:3, 1Corinthians 14:34-35)
    B. Polygamy (Exodus 21:10, Deu 21:15)
    C. Even the veil/headdress/hijab (1Corinthians 11:6-10)
    D. Killing civilians (Deu 13:12-16, 1 Samuel 15:2-3)
    E. Killing children (Deuteronomy 20:10-20, Psalms 137:8-9)
    F. Pedophilia (Numbers 31:17-18 – provided using KJV because it has been changed in later versions)

    Every single accusation which Islamophobes like you accuse my religion of is in your holy book and history. Westerns never have enough bloodshed, whether Christian or Atheist governments. You annihilate whole countries, then whine because of an attempted murder of a single person. This is your way, hypocrites. Through mass media you make people think that assassinating a single person is worse than eroding a whole civilization. And in the end, I’m the “extremist” but you’re the “poor little bunny trying to live in peace”. And then you wonder why the world is fucked up. It’s because of intolerant haters like yourself.

    You will not understand why I’m angry about a cartoon because you have no faith to begin with. But what you hopefully can understand is that there are taboos and sensitive issues for each person and for each culture. If you have no uncles, for instance, doesn’t make it right to curse my uncle. You have no religious attachment; fine. Why does this give you the right to insult and aggravate others who do have? What have you taken out of this insult other than pissing people off and creating an atmosphere of hatred, along with serving the Totalitarian and Zionist agenda? If you hate Islam then you should hate all humanity; for we are definitely not worse than others – except for lacking propaganda abilities.

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