How to hide your phone number and still receive phone calls

If you want to sell something on Craiglist, eBay or Amazon your possible customers might want to speak with you. If you mention your phone number on the advert, it might stay posted there for ever and a quick Internet search for your personal phone number will find it easily together with the text which carries personal information about what you do/sell/think.

Telemarketers could also gather your phone number and annoy you with nuisance calls attempting to sell you garbage, the reasons why your phone number should never be made public are many. hidden phone number hidden phone number

A free service called will hide your phone number providing you with a disposable weblink, in order for someone to call you the user needs to click on the link and will then connect both calls while keeping your real phone number private. Once the phone call finishes you can erase your unique URL and create a new one.

Google Voice can also be used to hide your phone number using a Google number to receive calls but it can not be used as a disposable weblink like does and Google Voice does not allow for a link to be directly posted to a website, in order to connect the calls Google Voice uses a hard to embed flash based widget.

Anonymous caller gossiping

Anonymous caller gossiping is still in beta and only available to US and Canadian residents, maximum call length is 10 minutes, I wouldn’t bet too much on still being free after they get out of beta.

If you want to use extra features like custom caller greetings or number blocking, there is another similar paid for service named

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